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Event: AAMC
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Client: Wayne State University
Partnership: Novell
Awards: MobileVillage

Focus: Mobility in Med-Ed

CampusMobility provides organizations with the software, hardware, and services necessary to take advantage of emerging mobile technologies. With it's origins as an application development firm, CampusMobility has developed unrivaled software for several niche markets, such as Healthcare and Higher Education. Recently, much attention has been given to the new pre-clinical and clinical Medical Education products.

CampusMobility also has a solid background in networking and back-end services, and provides full-service wireless integration and deployment. With extensive expertise in both software development and wireless infrastructure, CampusMobility has seamlessly incorporated mobile devices into it's product offering, providing the most robust end-to-end mobile applications available.

Please contact us for more information about our products and services, or to arrange an on-site demonstration.

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